About us

What we do

Our mission at utransto is to make it easy for people to stay in touch and to help them share more (air)time with friends and family even when they are far apart. So whether you want to gossip with your best friend or help your loved ones reach you at anytime or simply put a smile on someone’s face, we at utransto help you make it happen.

How it works

We help our customers stay connected around the world by giving them the opportunity to transfer airtime to 140 countries, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Whether it is a prepaid mobile phone or a prepaid broadband stick, you simply purchase the credit and send it automatically to the receiver of your choice. Easy!

Who inspired us

Oskar and his family

Living in Germany, in a multicultural environment, the founders of utransto noticed, that some of their friends found it difficult to stay in contact with their loved ones aboard and to be part of their daily lives.

The experience of their friend Oskar inspired them to start utransto

When Oskar moved to Germany, he had to leave his 67 year old mother Lucia-Maria behind in Costa-Rica. As a caring son who loved his mother dearly, he worried about her health and wanted to ensure she could reach him at any time. The only problem, it was difficult to send the top up amount to his mother in Costa-Rica as she lived in a remote area with no bank nor shop close by.

This is why utransto was born, to help people stay in touch with their friends and families all over the world. Today Oskar does not only send airtime to his beloved mother, but also his childhood friend Alberto who keeps Oskar updated about the latest in their village, they both grew up in. With utransto he found a reliable, secure and fast way of staying connected. There are endless stories like Oskar’s. He is just one of many. What is your story? We would love to hear your story with utransto. Feel free to share yours with us.